Ascent Plan

Millennium Geospatial opened its doors in July, 2019. What an exciting two years it has been and the future continues to be bright, which we’re grateful for.

When you start and are building a business, you put as much structure as possible into a “thing” that really is quite devoid of structure since there isn’t much going on in the beginning! Yes, you get your business entity set up, your website, proper insurance, a couple of team members, and you start to network to beat the band, but there are many, many things you hold off on creating until you have a need to create them.

That day has come, and that’s what the Ascent Plan at Millennium Geospatial is all about! We have mapped out nearly fifty initiatives that we have already started to implement and will continue to implement over the next 18 months. Some things take a day to create and implement and other things take many months. We shared the plan with the entire MGS team last week at our 1st annual team building event and are grateful to have some team members eager to help us shape iniatives that are particularly meaningful to them. We will update this post along the way as we hit milestones that the public may be interested in knowing about. #herewegrow!