CASE STUDY: How Wave Direct Is Expanding Fiber Service Availability In Rural Canada

This is an excerpt from our case study titled: WAVEDIRECT CASE STUDY: Expanding Fiber Service Availability To Rural Areas Across Essex County Using Geospatial Technology and Analytics to Optimize Efficiency. You can access the complete report by clicking here.

The County of Essex in Ontario, Canada may not be the most familiar spot on the map, but it certainly “wins a lot of hearts and minds” and is one of Canada’s best kept secrets.

The area has a desirable climate, with enjoyable, long summers and mild winters. Being surrounded by three water features- Lake Erie, Detroit River, Lake St. Clair – there are plenty of activities including boating, kayaking, fishing and paddle boarding.

Throughout the county, there is a perfect balance of urban and rural settings with both affordable and attractive housing. Many wineries and Bed & Breakfasts sprinkle the area, making it a lovely spot for tourists. There are also plentiful jobs with thriving manufacturing and agricultural sectors, and a short commute to Detroit for further work opportunities. As many residents declare, Essex is “a great place to live, work and play”.

Founded in 2003, WaveDirect is a telecommunications company located in Leamington, Ontario that specializes in providing high-speed internet to rural areas that lack these services. The internet coverage of WaveDirect continues to grow and currently reaches across Essex County.


For years, there has been an apparent digital divide between urban and rural areas. In many urban areas, high-speed internet has become more and more accessible, with speeds continuing to increase. However, the opposite is true for residents within rural areas. The Canadian Government recognizes the importance of quality internet for a community to thrive, especially within the digital economy. Though while 96% Canadian residents have access to proper broadband internet, only 39% of rural residents have access to these basic standards.

Click here to download the complete case study and discover the approach WaveDirect took to overcome the challenge and also the results that have come from this important project.