Give To Get – And 3 More Tips For Successful Marketing In Telecom

Marketing is simple, but it’s not easy. When Millennium Geospatial opened its doors nearly two years ago, we faced the question every startup faces:

Where will the business come from?

Yes, the telecom industry is in a “boom” status these days with companies in every corner of the world racing to provide and/or enhance Internet access. But anyone who has ever started and/or grown a healthy business knows that clients do not simply show up on your doorstep. Here are four tips for successful marketing in telecom:

Find Your Crowd

Once upon a time (i.e. before the Internet), everyone received information the same way: newspaper, phone book, word of mouth. Now, there are seemingly countless ways to “do your homework” and find what you need. There are not enough marketing dollars to “be everywhere” so the sooner you can crack the code on where your potential clients are, the better as you will then be investing your resources in getting the right message in front of the right people at all times.

Give To Get

While a “buy our stuff” marketing message works in some industries, no one is going to be moved to spend four, five, and often six figures on services, training, and/or consulting without learning a whole lot more about the company and what level of expertise they bring to the table. White papers, educational webinars, articles, testimonials, and videos are great ways to share useful content with prospects and clients.

Review The Data

Every business is different so there is no step by step guide to tell you where “your crowd” is or what educational content to create and share with them. This is why it’s critical to review the analytics of all marketing avenues you’re invested in to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

  • If you are investing in booths at trade shows, review the ROI after each and every show to determine if your process needs any adjustments as well as if the show is worth investing in next year.
  • If you are sharing content on social media, use Google Analytics to determine where traffic to your marketing materials is coming from. If you have heavy traffic coming from LinkedIn and no traffic coming from Instagram, guess where you will want to spend more time sharing marketing content?

Make Google Your Marketing Assistant

We mentioned Google Analytics in our last tip and it’s worth repeating: review the traffic to your web pages as well as the referral channels as often as possible.

You may have a wonderful idea to share information on a certain topic and you discover through your web stats that there is little to no interest in that topic. On the other hand, you notice another topic is being reviewed over and over again – give the people more of what they want and less of what you want!

The other way that Google is your marketing friend is through organic traffic. This is when people find your web pages online using search engines. While Google isn’t the only search engine, it’s by far the most popular one and crafting your online marketing so that it’s “search engine friendly” will help you bring new prospects into your world every day.

Simple? Yes! Easy? Not so much. Doable with a plan, consistency, and practice? You betcha!