Here We Go: Team MGS Is “Hiking” The Appalachian Trail!

We recently shared details about the Ascent Plan that we’re currently working on. One of the initiatives is to create a Team Member Wellness Program. While a fully formed program remains a work in progress, as we create it we are mindful of two important points:

  • We must strive to create a program that resonates with our actual team members.
  • We must strive to create a program that takes into account mind, body, and spirit.

There are many done for you Wellness Programs in the marketplace – a plug and play program hooked on to a health insurance plan is common – but to ensure we build something that resonates and is, in the words of the Grateful Dead (and Jim Collins), “built to last”, we’re going to DIY this iniative and we’re confident we won’t regret it!

During the month of July, our team members have the option of working together to virtually hike the Appalachian Trail!

The trail is about 2200 miles and we currently have around 20 team members. If we each get moving 4 miles per day for 31 days, we’ll get there together!

We’re making this as do’able as possible.

Movement counts. You may not have the time, interest, energy, or stamina to jog 4 miles a day. But we all probably log a mile or two just by walking pets, walking to and from the bus stop, mowing the lawn after work, walking around the office, and more. Weekly 9 hole golf league? That’s probably 1-2 miles if you do the math. Swimming laps? This is a virtual adventure so count it! Biking around Lake Monona? That’s 13 miles! There is truly something for everyone to do in this activity.

Another element of this month long collaboration involves giving back.

Our company plans to donate funds for every mile collectively logged by the team this month up to our goal of 2200 miles. We are working as a group on what cause will receive the donation now.

Interested in following our progress? Tune in on social media as that’s where we’ll be posting updates! Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Why Pinterest, you ask? That’s another post for another day…

Cheers to wellness, teamwork, and giving back!