MEET THE TEAM: Alex Marinakis, GIS Engineering Lead

In our MEET THE TEAM series, we interview members of our team to help you get to know them personally and professionally. We continue the series with Alex Marinakis.

Education: BA Economics from University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2019, MS Business & Analytics from UMass Amherst in 2020

Experience: For the past year Alex has been learning the complexities of engineering high level and low level designs for a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) project in Maine. This project will also serve counties in Massachusetts, including Amherst, where he went to college!

Favorite Thing(s) To Do Professionally: Alex’s favorite thing to do professionally is design Fiber Optic Networks for clients. “It’s amazing to see a project evolve from just a few poles and strand to a beautiful network with rich data.” More recently Alex has also enjoyed taking on a role in managing a team and helping them learn the more complex aspects of the designs.

Favorite Thing(s) To Do Personally: Skiing at Wildcat Mountain, fishing with family in Rockport, listening to music or podcasts, playing video games, playing soccer with friends, watching any Boston sports team.

Little Known Fact: Alex has an identical twin brother and they have the same undergrad and graduate degrees!

Currently Working On: Alex is raising a 10 month old English Springer Spaniel named Ruby. They enjoy long walks and playing fetch with her frisbee.

Advice to someone entering this industry: Absorb as much as you can, there is always something to learn in this industry. GIS is an extremely versatile tool, and there are always new ways to improve the business. It is rare for me not to learn something new each week at MGS.

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