MEET THE TEAM: Kevin Maes, VP of Engineering

In our MEET THE TEAM series, we interview members of our team to help you get to know them personally and professionally. We begin the series with the company’s leader – Kevin Maes.

  • VP of Engineering
  • Also handles Business Development and Client Relations
  • Based in the main office in Madison, WI
  • Travels frequently to trade shows and speaking and training events across the US and Canada
  • Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn

Education: BS in Geography from the University of Minnesota

Experience: After serving 3 years in the US Army and obtaining his degree, Kevin has spent 25 years in the telecom industry in the areas of Project, Field, Management and Leadership roles.

Favorite Thing(s) To Do Professionally: Building the team and solving for the challenges that present themselves when building Fiber To The Home (FTTH) in Rural America.

Favorite Thing To Do Personally: Fly fishing! While Alaska has been the best fly fishing he’s experienced so far, upstate New York, Maine and the UK have also been incredible experiences.

Little Known Fact: Kevin was a fishing guide for one summer in Alaska – a very rugged and life-changing experience – ask him about it sometime!

Currently Working On: Kevin is creating a Fly Fishing Class and Event in collaboration with a few organizations that serve and suppport Veterans. He’s looking forward to rolling out this program later this year.

Advice to someone entering this industry: There is a ton of opportunity in this field. There always has been, but now more than ever.

Technology has been the game changer because the traditional roles are still needed but there are now new ways of looking at data and that can be combined with traditional practices.

This industry is never boring and it’s constantly changing. It’s a noble profession – tangible, you can see the impact you are having on communities in Rural America every day.

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