MEET THE TEAM: Thomas Mattimiro, GIS Manager

In our MEET THE TEAM series, we interview members of our team to help you get to know them personally and professionally. We continue the series with Thomas Mattimiro.

  • GIS Manager
  • Also trains team members in the Millennium Geospatial Internship Program
  • Based in the main office in Madison, WI
  • Connect with Thomas on LinkedIn

Education: BS Physics University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, FTTH certification in November 2018

Experience: For the past 2 years Thomas has been engineering large-scale fiber optic networks for clients accross North America. He’s worked on fiber optic deployments in New York state that were funded through the state’s broadband initiative. Recruits, trains and mentors members of the MGS Internship program.

Favorite Thing(s) To Do Professionally: Thomas enjoys the autonomy that his position allows for as well as working with the technology, learning new tools that are coming available, training and teaching enginnering team members as well as leading the intern program at MGS.

Favorite Thing(s) To Do Personally: Ultimate Frisbee and Hiking

Little Known Fact: Gumby was invented in Thomas’ hometown of Hastings, MN!

Currently Working On: Thomas is hoping to coach Ultimate (Frisbee) in the near future. He’s interested in sharing his love of the game with high school and and middle school-aged kids.

Advice to someone entering this industry: There is a lot of opportunity. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be intimidated by lack of experience. It helps if you enjoy independence. You will likely get farther ahead faster if you’re inquisitive.

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