Partner Spotlight: An Interview With Rebecca Denman of Holtger Bros., Inc.

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Kevin Maes: Holtger Bros. has been a full service OSP utility contractor for many years. What were you/the company seeing in the marketplace that planted the company firmly within telecom in recent years?

Rebecca Denman: Yes, HBI has been a key player in this industry for 75 years! We have seen some ups and downs in overall work opportunity, but that has shifted in the last several years. As bandwidth and data needs have increased, the industry has had to transition to a more fiber-based network to support these needs; resulting in more infrastructure to be built and maintained. Essentially, with the increased demands in the industry and the level of experience our team has to offer, HBI has been able to build and maintain some great long term business relationships with our customers!

KM: Are you seeing more design build requests where the clients are asking the construction company to do the engineering and if so, do you see that trend continuing in the future?

RD: A few of our clients are focusing on this turnkey method for their build requests, but overall, we are still seeing the majority of any design builds being led by engineering firms, or by the engineers on staff with our clients. It really seems to depend on the variables and who the client is.

KM: What do you think the industry will look like in 5 years?

RD: I expect that this industry will continue to thrive over the next 5 years, as we are in the infancy of these fiber builds right now. With the continued increase in bandwidth demands there will be a need for more areas to increase their fiber footprint. We are seeing a tremendous amount of fiber work being deployed nationally through the different broadband grants, in addition to the more localized “non-funded” builds. At this point, we don’t see this slowing down anytime soon, which is great for all of us!

Rebecca has led the marketing efforts at Holtger Bros., Inc. for over 15 years. A few of her key accomplishments in this role include significantly increasing company sales since 2005 through the establishment of high impact marketing plans and strategies for business development programs and enhancing company revenue on contracts by negotiating higher market pricing through effective strategy implementation. Connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn.

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