Telecommunication Industry Perspective: An Interview With Eric Marinakis

Our team has over 50 years of institutional knowledge. You can only rack up that kind of experience by grinding it out in the industry, learning as much as possible. While the x’s and o’s of our business are incredibly important, we place an equal amount of importance on what we can learn from those we know in the telecommunications industry.

We recently had the good fortune of interviewing Eric Marinakis, VP of Sales at Corning Optical Communications. Eric has been in the industry for over 30 years so he’s seen a lot and he knows a lot more. This interview originally appeard in our quarterly newsletter.

Kevin Maes, Millennium Geospatial: Based on your 30+ years in the industry, what do you see that is different today about the industry than, say, 10 years ago?

Eric Marinakis, Corning Optical Communications: The pace of installations, the lower cost of bringing fiber deeper and the morphing of product sets to be smaller, denser and more flexible.

KM: What do you think is the biggest challenge/obstacle to getting more fiber deeper into Rural America?

EM: More qualified fiber installers, tighter training and practices, enhanced glass for more flexible and smaller cable designs.

KM: Do you think 5G will have an impact on the company’s decision-making around getting Fiber deeper into their networks?

EM: The 5G use case, as laid out by a highly regarded, top executive to our team, is fascinating and compelling. Network security is top of news and we cannot continue to grow and live the way we currently are without tightening up this area in every way. In other areas, like enhanced factory automation, smart buildings and cities, autonomous vehicles and robotic surgery, 5G leads us forward.

KM: What’s been the biggest surprise to you related to the industry?

EM: Continued growth. I started in the 80’s and what a ride it has been. Fiber to the desk, home and business was once a nice thought that was just too costly. Then again, we carried a bag phone back then too…

KM: What do you think the industry will look like in 5 years?

EM: The next 5 years will be another major leap ahead as fiber circles our cities, enables our wireless life and continues to change how we work, play and live.

Eric is the Vice President of Sales at Corning Optical Communications and has been a Senior Sales Executive in the Global Telecommunications Industry for over three decades.

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