What Do Our Clients Think? Hear from companies with the most advanced and reliable networks around.

Imagine Networks was researching doing fiber for a long time. It wasn't until speaking with the Millennium Geospatial team that we felt comfortable to move forward on our projects. Coming from a Fixed Wireless Broadband business, it was most refreshing to have engineers plan the network for us down to the foot. All Imagine Networks had to do was the field work based on their well designed routes and great choice in product. We look forward to working with them again on many more projects.”

When our customer had engineering needs that they wanted our construction firm to handle as part of an overall project, we engaged with Millennium Geospatial to execute this piece on our behalf. The team at Geospatial brings a level of experience that would take us years to build up to in-house. Kevin communicated progress throughout the process, and really made it easy to work with his team! We look forward to working with Millennium Geospatial on many more projects!”

Your team were professionals in every aspect/definition of the word! Just a couple of thoughts that were impressive to me: 1. The team was in constant contact with me and my staff. I never once felt like I was out of the loop or that I was unaware of the current or future state of the project. 2. As the project changed and morphed so did you and your team, seamlessly I would add. Most impressively when asked to expedite the results a number of months you were able to accommodate. 3. Your team taught us along the way. We appreciate your openness, honesty, feedback, and suggestions. From which we were able to create a professional presentation with all the bells and whistles. 4. Last but not least there were no gotchas. The pricing was the pricing, the work was the work, and the results were the result. Everything delivered exceeded our expectations. ”

Our company is involved in a turnkey project build with complex records management requirements and we quickly realized the need to update our management information system. Millennium Geospatial was selected for the job because of their talent, industry experience and capabilities. They worked with us to realize our vision of one project management system by consolidating numerous tracking spreadsheets and maps into one geospatial platform. This platform provides project insight and efficiencies we were lacking previously and will be invaluable as we continue to grow.”

We had a project with very unique engineering requirements. We engaged with Millennium Geospatial to produce a complete design with detailed construction drawings. Kevin was always communicative and enthusiastic about solving problems on a short timeline. His team was great to work with.”

As a WISP in Southwestern Ontario Canada and we were looking at getting into the FTTH game. Millennium Geospatial took on the task of not just designing our network but also teaching us along the way. They are very knowledgeable and did not hesitate to help us every step of the way. They worked overtime some nights to make changes and get us updated drawings. They went as far as letting me visit their headquarters and introducing me to some veterans in the fiber building industry that were willing to answer any questions I had. I would recommend them 100%.”

Millenium Geospatial has been a pleasure to work with. They have given us the opportunity to become a turn key contractor, and also have an array of tools to help us track production, deadlines, and workload. Their team is constructed of experienced industry professionals and are always available to get answers and provide solutions rapidly to keep construction rolling. They are a true asset, and provide many options to help strengthen your core business.”

For those looking to launch their first fiber deployment, push into new areas, or overbuild an aging network, you can’t get much better than working with the team at Millennium Geospatial. They’re excellent at minding every detail and will work with you to deploy a network that fits your specs, while keeping costs down and efficiency at the top of the priority list. From the initial consult, to the rolling out of maps and plant management, they can truly provide a wealth of resources that fit any experience level. We can’t recommend them enough!”

The team at Millennium Geospatial uses a combination of modern GIS tools, collaboration, and education to provide actionable network designs and streamlined workflows, helping communication service providers bridge the digital divide.”

We have partnered with Millennium Geospatial on numorous occassions and the team is always thorough, prompt, and demonstrates great attention to detail. ”

Millennium Geospatial has always impressed us with their broad swath of abilities and resources, and when we came to them with an atypical geospatial task they were more than willing to take it on. Their GIS team impressed us with their timeliness and quality of work. I like working with Millennium for their zealousness; for them, no challenge is too tall.”