The Millennium Ecosystem

Millennium Geospatial exists to help aid Rural Utility Co-Ops, Wisps, Construction companies and Independent Network providers with their Engineering & Design needs. In a nutshell: we want to Connect Rural America. We’re putting a good dent in that goal – check out our every changing service map for current and past projects.

In addition to our services which include Feasibility Studies, Geospatial Engineering, Project Management and Records Integration, there are other ways that we are helping to Connect Rural America and we refer to this as The Millennium Ecosystem:

At Millennium, we’re more than a materials supplier. We’re redefining what a distributor means. As a nationwide distributor of fiber optic network materials that build telecommunication networks, Millennium offers a host of solutions to help providers. Examples include introducing new technologies that will make networks more reliable, managing project and material needs and the rental and leasing of capital equipment.

To learn about how WaveDirect Telecommunication – a Rural High Speed Internet carrier in Ontario, Canada worked with MGS and Millennium on a recent project by clicking here.

To discover how Imagine Networks – a High Speed Internet company in Ohio worked in conjunction with MGS and Millennium on a recent project, click here.

At Millennium Leasing, we can make capital equipment available to our customers so they can put their materials to work and keep projects moving on schedule. For example, WaveDirect Telecommunication – the company referenced above – obtained splicing training through Millennium Leasing at the office in Delevan, WI before investing in splicing equipment for the company.

Overall, it’s our goal to make an experience with Millennium Geospatial (or any of the companies within The Millennium Ecosystem) much more than a one-time, transactional thing. We are here to support and collaborate, to plan and to strategize, to engage and connect people with the best resources to meet their current and future needs. We believe that there is a lot of work to be done, and we’re all in this together. We’re proud to have a multifacited ecosystem to work within so that we can serve our customers well.