Using Dashboards Effectively In Telephony

While telephony has been around for a long time, technology has become the game changer that has moved the industry forward. For the provider, this is true at the nuts and bolts materials level of fiber optics and it’s also true at the planning, implementation, and management level of the industry. The team at our sister company Millennium assists customers with the materials to make fiber projects tick and our team at Millennium Geospatial works with companies to plan, implement, and manage fiber projects.

We find that most companies that we work with need/should have a Dashboard to help them manage projects as well as overall efficiencies within their company. Once organizations understand what a Dashboard is and what it can do, they usually agree and invest in a Dashboard for their projects.

What is a Dashboard?

By now, everyone on the planet has likely interacted with a Dashboard. The COVID19 Dashboard built and maintained by Johns Hopkins University is one of the most widely known and used Dashboard in existence at this time. We all are able to see rates of infection at any given time and in any given place using that map. The data is easy to see and use and it updates in real-time using geospatial data.

Who uses a Dashboard?

Anyone who needs/wants to measure something that involves geographic locations can benefit from having and using a Dashboard to track data. We find that there are 3 types of Dashboards that are the most useful to companies:


An operational Dashboard will tell you what’s happening in real time. The Johns Hopkins Dashboard is an example of this. We use Dashboard technology on this very website to update the map documenting our past projects so that visitors can interact with the data and assess our experience in a very hands on way before they even have to reach out and connect with us. Operational Dashboards are utilized in areas of the business where day-to-day monitoring is needed.


A strategic Dashboard contains less nitty gritty detail and is ideal for members of an organization that want to review high level data. If decision makers in an organization need/want to project where to focus resources in the future, a strategic Dashboard can help present the data in a way that makes high level decision making more effective.


An analytical Dashboard creates an environment that allows users to dig deeper into data. While productivity is something that can be viewed as a high level, using an analytical Dashboard allows a user to dig into crew productivity, supervisor productivity, daily production, yearly production and more.

Can’t decide which kind of Dashboard to go with? No worries – data can be tabbed within the Dashboard framework so that every department can see what the need to see in the way they need/want to see it.

How long does a Dashboard last?

Geospatial data is fluid and a Dashboard can continue to be effective for as long as data is being fed into it. Dashboards are the business tool gift that truly keeps on giving!

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Every Dashboard is built custom to the needs of the team(s) that will be using it. If you’re interested in discovering how a Dashboard can help your team, please be in touch!